Hydranautics updates RO design software

Desalination membrane manufacturer Nitto Denko/Hydranautics has released IMSDesign2011, the latest version of its projection program, a software tool created to meet the most demanding needs of the membrane industry.

IMSDesign2011 allows the user to design an RO system accurately using the latest in Hydranautics‘ membrane technology. This program provides new features which enhance the user’s ability to design and analyze various RO desalination systems quickly and accurately.

The software builds on the new features provided in IMSDesign2010, which included an improved temperature correction factor for more accurate performance projections of seawater membranes at low temperatures, an ability to correlate flux decline and fouling factors, more stable turbo booster calculations and the ability to model an interstage turbo and interstage booster pump in series.

IMSDesign2011 offers projection capability with new Hydranautics’ elements, including the firm’s latest 16-in MAX and LD products, and more accurate chemical dosing, pH projections and silica passage calculations. Additionally, the program offers greater design flexibility with variable booster pump placement, ERD and split partial designs.

IMSDesign is compatible with the latest Windows platforms, including Windows 7 on 64-bit machines.