High-visibility reuse demo awarded to APTwater

California-based APTwater, Inc has been awarded a contract to use its technology for a municipal water-reuse system for the City of Anaheim, California.

The water-reuse facility, to be operated in downtown Anaheim, will be a high-profile demonstration facility that will supply reclaimed water for toilet flushing, irrigation, and recreational use.

The project will use APTwater’s patented HiPOx™ system, which will be on display through a window so the public can view it in operation, assisting the community in water-reuse education. The company’s HiPOx technology, an ozone-based advanced oxidation process, is designed to destroy trace organic compounds, improve taste, color and odor, and meet virus inactivation requirements for health and human safety.

“This is the first and only ozone-based technology to be accepted by the California Department of Public Health disinfection requirements for unrestricted water reuse under Title 22 Code of Regulations,” said David Stanton, CEO, APTwater.