Hand-operated pump can work RO treatment system

A handpump-operated reverse-osmosis water treatment system is currently being field-tested in Haiti by One Life Missions Foundation providing clean water for about 4,000 people a day in a refugee camp.

The handpump is the Feltenberger Pendulum pump, a gravity-assisted power machine developed by Gravitational Energy Corporation, based in Akron, Ohio, USA. The reciprocating pump is moved by a large pendulum attachment which can swing through 360 degrees, if required, using a patented device to convert rotary movement into horizontal motion.

The weight of the pendulum, once started up, means that keeping the machine swinging or rotating is extremely easy and can even be done by a child. The pendulum pump has four settings that adjust the volume and/or pressure of the water being pumped.

The General Purpose Pumping Machine (GEC’s first commercial grade model) that is currently at work in Haiti is the GP 210 model. Built into this machine is an Aquashield water filtration system that can produce over 1,000 gallons per hour (90,000 L/d) of clean drinking water, which meets or exceeds the World Health Organization standards for drinking water.

Virtually any type of contaminated source water can be filtered to these standards. The GP 210 is also equipped with an Aquathin reverse-osmosis (RO) system, which, during continuous operation can produce 400 to 500 GPD (1,500-1,800 L/d) of a very high grade of pure water, which is more pure than regular drinking water.

The machine can be set to produce only RO water, regular drinking water or both types simultaneously. If desired, the machine can also be set to bypass all filtration and simply pump source water for irrigation, sanitation, fire fighting or storage in a settling tank.

Any of the four pressure/volume positions can be used for the selector pin while pumping water for any of the conditions described above. A pressure gauge is provided on the outlet side of the pump and a pressure relief valve is provided on the RO system. By turning the RO handle to the “on” position and swinging the pendulum, 60-70 psi (4.1-4.8 bar) will automatically be achieved.

Alfred Lipshultz, founder and president of Aquathin Corporation said: “GEC has developed a breakthrough technology that can help millions of people in disaster relief, third world nations and militaries for drinking and irrigation in areas without readily available electrical supply. The Feltenberger Pendulum Pump is the only hand-operated pump I know of that allows our water filtration systems to operate fully to the capacity they were designed for.”

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