H2O Innovation wins North American contracts worth US$ 3.6 million

H2O Innovation has bagged four new contracts worth a total of US$ 3.6 million with two each in the US and Canada. These new deals, the company reported, will maintain its sales backlog for water treatment projects at US$ 38.6 million excluding its Professional Water Technologies, Piedmont and H2O Innovation Maple businesses.

H2O Innovation has won contracts for the design, manufacturing and commissioning of complete process water treatment systems with two US energy sector companies.

One contract is to supply an ultrafiltration (UF) system to a power plant located in New Jersey to treat secondary effluent to produce 1,420 m³/day of process water for cooling towers and boiler applications. The system will integrate H2O Innovation’s FiberFlex technology that enables the user to interchange membrane modules.

And H2O Innovation is supplying a second system to a refinery in New Mexico and will produce 1.9 m3/min)of process water using reverse osmosis (RO). The system supplied will be installed on the concentrate stream of a primary RO unit and will act as a brine concentrator to capture useable water from a waste stream.
Meanwhile, H2O Innovation’s proprietary technology Bio-Brane will be integrated into a wastewater treatment system for a municipality in Saskatchewan, Canada. H2O Innovation’s team is currently working on the engineering and design phase of the project. 
Also in Canada, the company has won a nanofiltration water treatment project for the municipality of Sainte-Marthe-sur-le-Lac, in Quebec. The system, to be designed, manufactured and commissioned by H2O Innovation, will produce potable water at 6,200 m³/day) from a surface water source. A three-month validation piloting period will precede manufacture of the project.
Separately, H2O Innovation is to manufacture two identical pilot units to test ceramic membranes designed by Nanostone Water. This is the first project in collaboration with Nanostone.
“All product innovations and strategic initiatives developed by the Company have allowed H2O Innovation to build a diversified technology portfolio, enabling us to offer state-of-the-art custom-built solutions to our clients.  With the capacity to integrate technologies such as nanofiltration, reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration, immersed membranes and now, ceramic membranes, H2O Innovation is confirming, once again, its leadership as a membrane filtration system integrator,” said president and chief executive officer of H2O Innovation, Frédéric Dugré.