H2O Innovation takes Californian reuse contract

A contract to expand the Leo J Vander Lans Advanced Water Treatment Facility in Long Beach, California, has been awarded to Canadian company H2O Innovation Inc.

The company will design, assemble. deliver and commission a water reuse expansion plant for the facility, based on reverse osmosis, which will provide a finished water capacity of 3.7 MGD (14,000 m³/d).

H2O Innovation announced on 5 December 2012 that this contract was one of several for the company worth a total of Can$ 3.1 million (US$ 3.14 million). This brings the company’s order backlog for water treatment projects to Can$ 21.3 million (US$ 21.5 million).

As part of another contract, H2O Innovation will, for the first time in its history, lease a water purification unit to a village municipality in Northern Quebec for a year. Based on a conventional nanofiltration technology, the mobile container – an insulated and heated unit with a capacity of 27.5 GPM (150 m³/d) – will treat groundwater to produce drinking water.

“For us, this leasing agreement is a first of its kind,” commented Frédéric Dugré, president and CEO of H2O Innovation. “There is a strong demand for such a service, and we are definitely willing to develop it and offer it more and more to communities and workers’ camps – enhancing our services, broadening our market reach and offering a more comprehensive range of services and products”,.

Another contract will see H2O Innovation manufacture and deliver a drinking water production unit for a mining camp, also located in Northern Quebec. The insulated container will integrate nanofiltration technology to treat surface water.

Finally H2O Innovation will be responsible for start-up and operation assistance services for a drinking water production unit and a wastewater treatment plant in Northern Alberta. The company delivered these two turn-key solutions last summer to an industry-leading oil & gas customer for a 1,000-worker camp.