H2O Innovation supplies US city with UF, NF and RO

The City of Delaware in Ohio, USA, has awarded a contract to Canada’s H2O Innovation Inc for a drinking-water production system involving ultrafiltration (UF), nanofiltration (NF) and reverse osmosis (RO).

The contract is one of five contracts recently received by H2O Innovation totalling Can$ 6.5 million (US$ 6.6 million) for industrial and municipal water treatment systems.

Under the Delaware contract, the company will design, assemble, deliver and commission a system with a capacity of 7.1 MGD (26,876 m³/d) using UF and NF to treat surface water and a low-pressure RO system to treat groundwater.

“The City of Delaware project has a special significance for us as it will be a great demonstration platform in the Midwest US, close to the fast-growing surface-water treatment market in the eastern US,” commented Harbans Kohli, vice president, systems sales of H2O Innovation. “Combining three types of membrane technologies in a single system demonstrates our ability to provide multiple technologies to meet high environmental standards and customer needs.”

In addition, the company will be supplying its patented Bio-Wheel™ technology to provide wastewater treatment to the City of Snow Lake, Manitoba, and the City of Grover, Colorado. Another contract will see H2O Innovation build and deliver a low-pressure RO system for the reclamation of wastewater to an industrial end-user in Idaho.

Finally, the company will manufacture and deliver a drinking-water production system to a Canadian oil and gas customer. The system will feature surface-water treatment requiring roughing filters, UF and NF processes.