H2O Innovation lands San Jose WTP ultrafiltration contract

A 30 MGD (113,562 m³/d) hollow-fiber ultrafiltration (UF) membrane water treatment system in California is one of three new contracts totaling Can$ 8.8 million (US$ 8.1 million) announced on 21 May 2014 by H2O Innovation.

The UF contract is a system to replace the existing conventional Montevina Water Treatment Plant (WTP) owned and operated by the San Jose Water Company.

For this design-build project, H2O Innovation will team up with HDR Constructors Inc and will be responsible for the design, fabrication, installation and commissioning of the WTP, which will treat rainfall from the Santa Cruz Mountains to provide potable water to the Town of Los Gatos and surrounding communities.

H2O Innovation was selected from four bidders as its proposed system had the most attractive net present value for the end-user when considering both the initial capital cost and the long-term operating cost. The UF system will incorporate 840 of Inge’s dizzer ® modules, with robust Multibore® fibers, using their T-Rack® 3.0 configuration.

”This system will be our largest UF reference and shows one more time that our strategy to be able to offer different UF modules is appreciated and valued by our customers and is increasingly popular in the industry,” stated David Faber, director, systems sales – USA, of H2O Innovation.

The second contract will be executed in close collaboration with the Canadian engineering firm Groupe SM International (SMi). SMi, well-established in North Africa, has teamed up with H2O Innovation to supply one of its institutional customers in the Maghreb with 15 mobile water treatment units.

Equipped with media filtration, reverse osmosis, ultraviolet disinfection and chlorination, the robust trailers will be able to purify water from different sources of water. Each unit will treat approximately 40 m³/d.

Finally, the company will supply membrane filtration equipment for two potable water treatment plants and one wastewater treatment plant for clients located in Manitoba and Quebec.