GRA web seminar to look at California salt plans

CalDesal, the California desalination non-profit organisation, is joining a web seminar on Workflow for Salt and Nutrient Plans on 15 May 2013 presented by the Groundwater Resources Association with the Association of California Water Agencies.

This webcast will focus on the specific approaches and aspects of developing a salt and nutrient plan, both for a highly urbanized area, and for an agriculturally dominated area. Presentations will include the development of the salt and nutrient plan for the greater Los Angeles area, and for the Coachella Valley, where agriculture is the main land use.

Speakers will be: Dr Ginachi Amah, Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board;
 Phuong Ly, Water Replenishment District of Southern California;
 Abdi Haile, Colorado River Basin Regional Water Quality Control Board; and Patti Reyes, Coachella Valley Water District.

Registration should be made through the GRA website.