Governor signs bill to implement Texas water plan

A bill signed by the governor of the state of Texas, USA, on 28 May 2013 will help promote innovative water reuse and conservation in the state as it implements the State Water Plan.

House Bill (HB) 4 provides for the upgrading of governance of the Texas Water Development Board from part-time posts to full-time paid governance. It also paves the way for a State Water Implementation Fund for Texas (SWIFT), which will be put up for voter approval on 5 November 2013.

Once approved, SWIFT will have US$ 2 billion investment to create water projects worth US$ 30 billion over the next 50 years in the drought-hit state.

Governor Rick Perry said. “HB 4 will help secure our water supplies for generations, even through rapid population and economic growth, by creating new funds that will support local and regional projects and lower the cost of issuing bonds for much-needed water projects.”