GES takes control of Palmachim desalination plant

Global Environmental Solutions Ltd (GES) will take control of Israel’s Palmachim seawater desalination plant after its acquisition of the 28% stake in the plant’s facility company, Via Maris, previously held by Tahal Group International BV.

Via Maris, of which GES then owned 28%, won the build-own-operate contract for Palmachim in 2005. It is trying to raise money to finance the expansion of the plant from 45 million m³/year to 90 million m³/year.

Palmachim is the only existing large Israeli plant to agree to expand at the water-purchase price of NIS 2.07/m³ (US$ 0.55/m³), the price recently agreed for the Sorek desalination plant, now is under construction by IDE Technologies.