German UF developer InnoWa taken over

German hollow-fibre membrane developer InnoWa has been acquired by Stuttgart-based Mahle Industry GmbH, a manufacturer of industrial filtration equipment.

InnoWa specialized in development, application and manufacture of high-performance filter systems based on ultrafiltration technology. The company emerged from the former EBG GmbH and currently employs 20 people who will be taken over.

In future, InnoWa will operate under the name Mahle InnoWa GmbH, headquartered in Stuttgart. the company announced on 31 January 2012.

Mahle Industry already has a globally active sales network and an excellent reputation in the market. The integration of InnoWa Membrane into the Industrial Filtration division creates a new platform within Mahle Industry with a focus on water treatment.

“By acquiring InnoWa Membrane, we are opening up new areas of application for our company in the field of filtration, such as the increasingly important segment of water treatment,” said Dr Michael Matros, corporate executive vice president and general manager of Mahle Industry. “This acquisition also strengthens our core markets of food and beverage, power generation and general industrial applications”.