GE extends analytics to optimize reverse osmosis

GE has upgraded its InSight Analytics platform to produce a system which it says enables reverse osmosis (RO) membrane operators to manage membrane cleaning schedules to optimise energy efficiency and membrane life.

GE said the latest InSight products deployed the predictive analytics capability of the company’s original InSight platform to collect performance data to enable operators to resolve critical issues, prevent problems before they occur, optimise operations and make strategic decisions. GE said InSight could improve system efficiency, cut operating costs and optimize production.

“InSight Analytics for RO will help operators get the most out of their membranes through better management of their membrane cleaning schedules,” said GE. It said this improved management was important in preventing deposits from forming on membranes which reduce membrane efficiency and waste valuable energy.

According to GE, another InSight Analytics extension - for condenser efficiency - increased reliability and transparency in measuring condenser efficiency in heat transfer systems. This offered real-time data normalization even during peak production times, in a clear, simplified report said GE.