Fujairah II desalination pipework supplied by German firm

Pipework for the Fujairah II Independent Water & Power project in Qidfa, Oman, has been supplied by a family-owned German supplier, H Butting GmbH & Co.

Butting was also chosen by main contractor Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies to provide prefabrication to the 136,500 m³/d plant.

For this project, the company had to produce pipes in 316L, duplex and superduplex materials weighing a total of 70 t. With diameters from 1 in to 28 in, Butting produced and completed pipes in standard lengths of 6 m with wall thicknesses up to 8 mm.

Its expertise in production from isometric drawings was the crucial reason why 80 % of the superduplex pipes could remain at the plant for further processing. Supplemented with parts supplied by the customer, such as elbows, collars, flanges and stub ends, a highly qualified Butting team produced a number of piping components, along with 20 manifolds in nominal widths from 250 to 450 mm and a total of 600 welded branches.

OTV, a company of Veolia, also gave the company the job of monitoring and advising people on site during a complex prefabrication phase. For this, Butting sent Hans-Jürgen Holthaus, a senior engineer with over 20 years’ experience in single piece production and assembly, to the United Arab Emirates. He added his welding expertise directly at the plant to the range of services already provided.

For further information, contact: Alexander Schlundt, Head Water Treatment Plants & Pneumatic Conveyor Systems Sales
Tel: +45 5834 50-310
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Web: www.butting.de