Flowserve wins three Calder orders in Spain

Flowserve Corporation announced on 9 July 2009 that it had received three orders for Calder energy-recovery devices for seawater reverse-osmosis desalination projects in Spain including the Campo de Dalais project, which will receive the recently upgraded DWEER units.

Calder have reduced leaks to virtually zero in the upgraded unit, which also has reduced head loss, non-metallic pressure vessels and an increased capacity up to 350 m³/d.

Flowserve is not releasing further details on any of the orders, except that the other two include further energy-recovery turbines and a retrofit of an existing DWEER installation. The combined value of the three orders for these projects total more than € 2.2 million Euros (US$ 3 million) and represent more than 100,000 m³/d desalination capacity.