Final go-ahead for Adelaide desalination plant

Adelaide’s 150,000 m³/d desalination plant was given the final go-ahead on 26 February 2009 by the South Australia state government.

Making the announcement, the minister for urban development and planning, Paul Holloway said that the Aus$ 1,374 million (US$ 879 million) project had been subjected to the most transparent and robust assessment process available under South Australian development laws.

“The major development assessment concludes that appropriate environmental objectives and performance criteria can be imposed on the plant to protect the marine environment and water quality in the Gulf St Vincent,” Mr Holloway said. “This conclusion has been supported by an independent panel of marine experts established to ensure the environmental impact study process is achieved.”

Eleven conditions had been attached to the development approval, said Holloway, requiring management and monitoring plans to be put in place to ensure the successful development and operation of the plant. “Further licensing requirements under the Environment Protection Act will also be required,” he added.

The plant will be built by the AdelaideAqua consortium comprising Acciona Agua, United Utilities, McConnell Dowell and Abigroup Contractors.