Fedco pressure-booster beats 80% efficiency

“We’re now ready to go after any project in the world,” Eli Oklejas, president of Fedco, told D&WR, after he had announced that a performance test on the company’s hydraulic pressure booster (HPB) energy-recovery device for desalination had surpassed 80% efficiency.

“We predicted 80.5% and we got 80.5%,” said a delighted Oklejas, who believes that 85% is “doable” and that his machines are very competitive with isobaric devices.

Fedco‘s confidence rests on the experience gained on the Jeddah Airport Expansion project, Saudi Arabia, which is now being applied to the 16 units to be installed on the Jeddah 3 seawater reverse-osmosis (SWRO) desalination project, which produced the record- breaker.

Fedco is working closely with Doosan on the Jeddah 3 project, for which it is supplying HPB-1400 units for one of the SWRO systems in the world with a capacity to produce 240,000 m³/d of permeate.