Evoqua bags municipal deals worth US$ 20 million

Water treatment firm, Evoqua, has won contracts worth more than US$ 20 million supplying its Memcor microfiltration and ultrafiltration product line to six US and Canadian municipalities. The deals were for filtration, water reuse, drinking water treatment, and reverse-osmosis pre-treatment applications.

The contracts are with:

The Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte, Canada;
Genesee, Colorado;
Port Townsend, Washington;
Terminal Island, California;
Morgantown, West Virginia and
the County of Hawaii

At the Bay of Quinte, Evoqua will provide the process solution for a new water plant including two Memcor submerged packaged XS48 units along with pre-treatment to the membrane system which includes Envirex Products’ Folded Flow Dissolved Aeration Floatation units and a packaged clarification system. The new plant will treat 16.1 l/sec of raw water from the Bay of Quinte.

The Port Townsend deal is for a Memcor CP 12 Ml/d drinking water system deploying a gravity head driven set up to reduce energy use and operating costs.

The Terminal Island, project is the third phase in an expansion of a major water reclamation facility serving Los Angeles.

A MemPulse membrane bioreactor system under construction at Morgantown will supply initially up to 52 Ml/d with an average output of 36 Ml/d. It will replace an 32 Ml/d rotating biological contactor that has reached the end of its useful life.

The Department of Water Supply in Hawaii is building a Memcor CS system as art of its Waimea water treatment plant upgrade. Bodell Construction won the contract to upgrade the 60- year old Waimea surface water treatment plant with submerged membranes, to up the capacity of the drinking water plant to 16 Ml/d.