ERI pressure-exchangers chosen for Fujairah expansion

Acciona Agua has chosen Energy-Recovery Inc to provide its PX® Q line of energy-recovery devices (ERDs) for the Fujairah 1 Expansion desalination project in the UAE.

Fujairah 1 is the longest running hybrid seawater desalination plant in the Middle East, combining thermal and reverse-osmosis technologies. The expansion project will increase water production by 136,500 m³/d bringing the plant’s production capacity to 592,000 m³/d.

The F1 design specifications included a ‘not‑to‑exceed’ maximum power consumption limit and only Energy Recovery‘s isobaric PX Q ERD solution fits this requirement. Acciona’s choice sought to lower the power consumption of water production for the end-user and to reduce the physical footprint of the ERD trains.

When the original plant was first built in 2003, Pelton technology was chosen. Now that Fujairah 1 is expanding the facility, the new plant will use an isobaric design, allowing the end‑user to produce water at net lower power consumption.

Fujairah 1 is owned by Emirates Sembcorp Water & Power Company, a joint venture between Abu Dhabi National Energy Company, Sembcorp Industries and Abu Dhabi Water & Electricity Authority.