ERI appoints Dyer as CTO

Energy Recovery Inc (ERI) has appointed Tim Dyer as chief technology officer (CTO) to replace Rick Stover, who left ERI in January to join forward-osmosis company Oasys. Previously ERI chief scientist, Dyer will manage all engineering and R&D initiatives.

Dyer, will oversee the expansion of the company’s product portfolio by enhancing existing offerings and bringing new solutions to market. Specifically, he will head the development of ERI’s Pressure Exchanger isobaric desalination energy-recovery devices, advanced liquid turbo solutions, cutting-edge ceramics applications and all other energy-transfer technologies.

“Energy Recovery is committed to diversifying its technology offerings and commercial solutions, and we are aggressively expanding into the ceramic material science, advanced ceramic components and other clean-technology markets,” said GG Pique, ERI’s president and CEO. “By naming Tim Dyer CTO, we have solidified the management within our engineering division, which is essential to the success of these efforts.”

To support Dyer in this new role, Paul Cook, the founder of Raychem and an active member of ERI’s board, has agreed to lend his expertise in the diversification and commercialization of an expanded product portfolio.

Dyer joined ERI in 2009 as director of ceramics, helping the company successfully integrate a state-of-the-art ceramics production facility into its new headquarters, strengthen the oversight of its intellectual property, improve supply costs and enhance manufacturing and operational efficiency. Prior to joining ERI, Dyer served as the director of technology at Morgan Technical Ceramics where he oversaw the development of high-quality alumina and zirconia products for use in critical process applications.