Energy Recovery announces deal duo

Industrial fluid pressure technology company, Energy Recovery, has announced its second US$ 1.8 million deal in recent weeks at sites in the Middle East and North Africa region. The latest win to supply its PX Pressure Exchanger system was for a 68 Ml/d desalination plant at an undisclosed site in the Middle East. It closed an earlier, similar deal in Morocco.

For the Middle East project, Energy Recovery will partner with a wastewater treatment and services specialist based in the region. The two companies have previously partnered on another large project in the Middle East.

Energy Recovery will supply its PX-Q300 and PX-180 pressure exchangers for the plant. The company has estimated the PX devices will reduce the plant’s power load by 9.7 MW, saving over 83 GWh a year, and helping it to avoid carbon dioxide emissions of 59,700 tonnes a year.

Energy Recovery’s president and chief executive officer, Joel Gay, said: “This adds to the portfolio of large-scale projects Energy Recovery has taken on in recent years, making the PX the most widely used energy recovery device for mega-projects in the world. Importantly, this award is an early indicator of a strengthening global desalination market as we enter 2016.”

The Morocco contract with the National Power Drinking Water Office (ONEE), is to provide PX- Q300 units for a process 100 Ml/d plant. The plant is the first public-private partnership system. The plant’s capacity could be doubled in the future. Energy Recovery has estimated that the plant will save 92 GWh a year and reduce its carbon dioxide footprint by 54,200 tonnes a year.