Egypt to invest in 16 desalination projects

Egypt is to build or upgrade 16 desalination plants across five governorates, reports Daily News Egypt.

Total new capacity will be 473,000 m3/d from the plants in Matrouh, North Sinai, Port Said, Red Sea, and South Sinai.

The new projects comprise:

  • Four in Matruh, including the expansion of Sidi Barani, and Ramleya 3, and a new plant at Dabaa with capacity of 34,000 m3/d, and one in El-Alamein, capacity 150,000 m3/d;
  • four in North Sinai — Arish 1, 2, 3, and Sheikh Zuweid — at 30,000 m3/d;
  • two in Port Said, at West Port Said and East Port Said, 170,000 m3/d;
  • four in Red Sea are to be expanded — Al Yusr, Halayeb, Shalatin, and Abu Ramad, capacity 47,000 m3/d; and
  • two in South Sinai, Nabaq and Tur, with capacity 42,000 m3/d.

Egypt already has 39 desalination plants on the Red Sea:

  • Nine in Matruh, with total capacity 78,000 m3/d;
  • five in North Sinai, 10,600 m3/d; 
  • 19 in Red Sea 102,000 m3/d capacity; and
  • South Sinai, 45,000 m3/d.

The total existing capacity is 235,600 m3/d.