Dubai launch for BASF RO antiscalant portfolio

BASF will introduce a new portfolio with antiscalants for reverse osmosis (RO) membrane processes at the International Desalination Association World Congress in Dubai (7-12 November 2009).

The new Sokalan RO additives have been designed with special consideration to sustainability aspects and a low impact on the environment. The portfolio comprises broad-spectrum scale-inhibitors as well as specialty products for silica inhibition or prevention of iron fouling. Due to their good scale-inhibiting performance the new BASF products result in longer operation times of RO desalination plants without cleaning.

The products are either phosphorus-free or have a low phosphorus content and are compatible with major available membranes.

For more information, contact:
Jan Woschinski, BASF SE, Germany
Tel: +49 621 60-46845
Email: [email protected]