Dow launches two BWRO desalination membranes

Two new FilmTec™ desalination elements for brackish water treatment were launched by Dow Water & Process Solutions on 22 June 2009 at Singapore’s International Water Week.

The new reverse osmosis (RO) elements, BW30HR-440i and BW30XFR-400/34i, allow demineralization and other water treatment systems to operate more consistently and with less cleaning and maintenance, making essential industrial and potable water treatment processes. Both technologies reduce system operating and maintenance costs through improved water quality and extended membrane life, enabling lower cost purified water.

The BW30HR-440i element has high performance and productivity, combining what Dow claims is the highest active membrane area available in the industry today with maximum-rejection BWRO membrane. It incorporates Dow’s BW30HR membrane sheet technology, designed to deliver the highest quality RO permeate, together with the cleanability of a 28 mil feed spacer, to minimize capital expenditure without increasing operating flux.

The BW30HR-440i produces 20% more water than the BW30-400 element, and 10% more water than the BW30-440i, at the same operating pressure and with higher rejection, enabling lower capital expense for new systems or increased water production in an existing system.

The BW30XFR-400/34i has optimized design and materials to create a durable, high-rejection and high-productivity element to purify waters with biological and organic fouling tendencies. Incorporating Dow’s BW30XFR membrane sheet with advanced organic fouling resistance and cleanability, this RO element combines the best features of fouling resistance and durability, with the cleanability of an optimized 34 mil feed spacer, to improve cleaning effectiveness.

Effective and efficient cleaning of biofilm, organic compounds and scale, is achieved through the widest pH cleaning range (pH 1-13).

The element produces 10% more water than the BW30-400/34i or the BW30-400/34i FR element at the same operating pressure and higher rejection. Enhanced cleaning effectiveness, reducing the impact of fouling, is achieved through the use of an optimized 34 mil feed spacer.

For more information, contact: So-Jin Seibold, GolinHarris for Dow Water & Process Solutions
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