Diffuser range extended by PEI

Pump Engineering Inc (PEI) of the USA has expanded its diffuser line to include a total of 11 diffusers, ranging from 1 x 1 ¼ x 3 in (25 x 32 x 76 mm) up to 10 x 12 x 11 in (254 x 305 x 279 mm).

The line was expanded to optimize the energy exchange for the entire PEI product line.

Fluid velocity generated by a centrifugal impeller is efficiently converted to static pressure energy in the diffuser (the conical discharge section) of a Hydraulic TurboCharger or a centrifugal pump. When ordinary pipe reducers are used in TurboCharger or pump installations, their non-optimized, rapid area change does not efficiently convert velocity to pressure energy, resulting in flow separation and turbulence, and ultimately, pressure losses.

With PEI DEXä high-efficiency diffusers/reducers/extensions, the optimized, gradually increasing diffuser area is extended to efficiently convert velocity energy into pressure energy, resulting in several important advantages:

  • High-efficiency velocity to pressure energy recovery
  • Reduced pressure losses and energy consumption
  • Reduced flow-induced vibration
  • Reduced flow-generated noise
  • The robust cast, stainless steel, Schedule 80 design of the diffusers offers further advantages:

  • Easy and quick installation and removal
  • Groove for Victaulic type connection, weld preparation, or welded connection between diffusers
  • Suitable for a wide pipe diameter range, from 1 to 12 in (25-305 mm).
  • The diffusers are offered in stainless steel grades 316, Duplex 2205, and Super Duplex 2507 and are available for all PEI Hydraulic TurboChargers and High-Pressure Feed Pumps, as well as being applicable to any centrifugal equipment where the above benefits are desired. PEI says the diffusers are favourably priced compared with standard pipe reducers.

    For more information, contact: Larry Pelegrin, PEI
    Tel: +1 734 242 1772
    Email: [email protected]
    Web: www.pumpengineering.com