Design software upgrade includes hybrid RO desalination

Design of a hybrid reverse-osmosis (RO) system is included in the latest version of Woongjin Chemical Co’s latest version of its CSMPro desalination system design software.

Used to calculate RO performance projections, CSMPro v4.0 accommodates the diverse needs of RO users to create more accurate systems using CSM spiral-wound RO membrane elements.

Hybrid RO systems are increasingly preferred by engineers today since the unique advantages of different membrane types (such as low-energy RO coupled with a high-rejection RO membrane) can be combined in a single pressure-vessel to yield more favorable results, such as reduced treatment costs and increased energy savings.

Other improvements include:

  • Precise control of the concentrate recycle from the second pass
  • Permeate split option, where a portion of the lead-end permeate of the first pass can be blended with the permeate from the second pass
  • More accurate estimate of element values (for example, flux decline or salt passage increase)
  • System design projections with new CSM RO elements
  • CSMPro v4.0 can be downloaded directly from Woongjin Chemical’s liquid separation & filtration website at

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