Desalitech to supply wastewater reuse system to steel mill

Desalitech is to supply an advanced wastewater recovery system to Mid American Steel and Wire, a leading supplier in the US wire and rod industry.

The Desalitech system, which will recycle up to 60,000 GPD (227 m³/d) of wastewater for reuse in the rod mill at the Madill, Oklahoma facility. This system will reduce both the disposal costs and environmental impact of the operations at the mill.

The integrated treatment solution will include pretreatment steps for removing contaminants and debris followed by reverse osmosis purification and is capable of achieving high recovery from the challenging wastewater created by steel manufacturing.

Although Mid American has always recycled a substantial portion of process water to minimize the impact on the environment, it is necessary to purge water from the recycle tank on a daily basis to maintain proper chemistry in the facility’s process-water loop. Historically, wastewater has been hauled away for disposal at a significant cost.

The Desalitech system will treat the wastewater inside the facility with the highest possible efficiency to maximize the yield of valuable recycled water, ensure its purity, reduce plant discharges and associated costs, and minimize environmental impact. Additionally, the recycled water will now have a constant quality that will aid in maintaining consistency within the operation of the rod mill. Improved yield is expected as excess scale can be avoided with a more consistent water quality.