Desalitech teams up with Pall

High-efficiency reverse osmosis (RO) system specialist, Desalitech, has entered into a non- exclusive partnership with filtration, separation and purification technology firm Pall Corporation. The  agreement will enable the companies to offer integrated microfiltration (MF), ultrafiltration (UF) and RO solutions for water treatment applications worldwide.

“As water scarcity and regulatory requirements increase, customers require higher quality purified water from more challenging sources. Integrated membrane solutions that incorporate both low and high pressure membranes are becoming a gold standard for industrial water and wastewater applications. Municipalities also look to integrated membrane systems to remove bacteria, salts and contaminants from public water supplies,” the companies said in a statement.

According to Desalitech its RO systems operate at maximum recovery rates, reducing wastewater by 50 to 75% and energy consumption by up to 35%, resulting in significant operating cost savings.

“Pall’s Aria microfiltration and ultrafiltration membrane systems have been used in thousands of water and wastewater applications for decades,” the company said. “With the addition of Desalitech, Pall offers full treatment solutions with the ability to meet or exceed water treatment goals and discharge limitations,” Pall added.

“Adding high-efficiency RO allows us to expand our offering, in both industrial and municipal applications, with a solution that maximizes recovery and minimizes risk,” said vice president of global strategic marketing at Pall Corporation.

“Pall Corporation’s position as a global leader in water treatment will provide a significant platform to bring our RO products to new projects around the world,” said chief executive officer of Desalitech, Nadav Efraty.