Desalitech RO wastewater use ‘will pay back in 6 months’

Desalitech, developer of the closed-circuit desalination (CCD) system, is to supply a zero liquid discharge (ZLD) advanced wastewater treatment system for a pesticide plant in Gujarat, India.

Desalitech is working for UPL Environmental Engineers Ltd (UPLEEL), one of India’s leading environmental engineering construction and project management companies.

The Desalitech system will process 200 m³/d of industrial wastewater as part of a treatment process designed to minimize disposal costs and environmental impact by virtually eliminating liquid waste. Desalitech’s CCD reverse osmosis (RO) solution will be a key element in the plant’s ZLD system, cutting the costs and energy consumption of downstream components by as much as 50%.

The plant (one of several Gujarat) produces up to 6,000 t/year of various pesticides for agricultural use. The process generates a wastewater effluent stream that requires processing prior to disposal.

“Desalitech’s technology provides superior operational efficiency by greatly reducing effluent waste while using less energy than any other RO solution on the market,” said Santhosh Nair, managing director of UPLEEL. “It is a smart investment that will pay for itself in 6 months. But beyond obvious cost benefits, Desalitech solutions provide a degree of control and flexibility that we haven’t had before.”