Desalitech bags water treatment deal for five power plants

Desalitech has won a contract with Southern California Edison (SCE) to supply five of its ReFlex water treatment systems for installation at SCE’s peak power generating stations in California.

The ReFlex reverse osmosis systems are, according to Desalitech, guaranteed to provide at least 90% recovery, “significantly reducing water consumption and wastewater generation compared to traditional reverse osmosis systems, which generate two to three times more wastewater.” The systems require “up to 35% less energy to operate” and offer greater resistance to silica scaling which plagues many water treatment systems in Southern California. 

SCE’s peak plant, purify water for use in the gas turbines that drive the generation sets. Desalitech said the systems will reduce environmental impact and significantly reduce water treatment operating costs. The SCE plant are sited within a 60km radius of Los Angeles.

California industries are implementing urgently, initiatives to reduce water consumption following a statewide mandate, in April, 2015, to reduce water use by 25%.