Desalitech awards first project to Pall under new deal

Reverse osmosis (RO) water treatment specialist, Desalitech, has sold a 4Ml/d ReFlex RO system to Pall Corporation. It is the first major project awarded under the recently forged partnership between the two firms.

Desalitech worked with Pall to design a custom trailer-based ReFlex reverse osmosis system to be compatible with Pall’s Aria mobile treatment products. The Desalitech unit can produce RO permeate at up to some 2800 litres a minute at water recovery rates of 70-98% from feed waters with salinities of up to 10,000 ppm total dissolved solids.

The integrated mobile membrane systems will be used for:

short or long-term water services for planned maintenance;

seasonal peak demand or supplement current supplies;

·    emergency response; and

permanent solutions.

Pall maintains a fleet of mobile membrane systems for multiple water treatment applications including municipal supply, seawater reverse osmosis pretreatment, cooling tower blowdown, water recycling and reuse, mining water and industrial process water.

Pall’s Aria Fast mobile systems can produce up to 320 m³/hr of filtrate from a single unit.

 Desalitech’s ReFlex reverse osmosis systems are used around the world in applications including food manufacturing, power generation, pulp and paper production, consumer products manufacturing, wastewater recycling and ultrapure water production.

ReFlex reverse osmosis systems reduce wastewater by 50-75% and energy consumption by up to 35% the company claims.