Desalination and reuse in Mexico-Israel water agreement

Desalination and wastewater treatment and reuse were part of an agreement signed on 14 November 2011 between the Mexican national water agency, Conagua, and Israel’s Ministry of Industry, Trade & Labor.

After four years of working together, Mexico and Israel agreed to share and adopt best practices in order to make more efficient use of water, mainly in the agricultural sector, said Jose Luis Luege Tamargo, director general of the Mexican federal agency.

Luege explained that the areas of cooperation would include research, monitoring and evaluation of water resources; new technologies for irrigation and reuse; measuring and loss prevention; water planning and management resources; and desalination for human consumption.

Also included would be the protection and restoration of aquifers; construction, maintenance and security of pipelines and hydraulic structures; the standardization of products for the conveyance of water and the adoption of international standards as well as modification of existing ones; and increasing the efficiency of water infrastructure.