Desalination and reuse in California/New Mexico get funding

US Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar announced on 1 July 2009 27 water reclamation and reuse projects in California and New Mexico identified by the Bureau of Reclamation to share in a total of US$ 134.3 million under the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act of 2009.

While most of these “Title XVI” projects involve expansion of existing schemes through construction of more pipelines, reservoirs etc, some projects will be of more interest to D&WR readers:

Wells 21 and 22, Irvine Ranch Water District. Funding: US$ 11,691,871. Total Project Cost: US$ 55,017,564.
Funding will be used to construct a groundwater conveyance pipeline, treatment facilities and brine disposal pipeline, and a finished water pipeline to recover and treat impaired groundwater from two existing wells. This project is expected to deliver approximately 6,700 acre-feet (8.26 million m³) per year of potable water supporting rising municipal water demands.

Long Beach Desalination Research & Development Project, Long Beach Water Dept. Funding: US$ 3,006,005. Total Project Cost: US$ 6,012,010.
Funding uses will include optimization of the 300,000 GPD (1,135 m³/d) seawater desalination prototype facility. Funding will be used primarily for on-the-ground installation of various types of nanofiltration membranes; construction of testing facilities to address post-treatment strategies; and pipeline removal and site restoration as part of the testing, pilot, and demonstration of seawater intake and discharge facilities. The project also includes testing of facilities during operation and analysis.

City of Oxnard Groundwater Recovery Enhancement and Treatment Phase 1, City of Oxnard. Funding: US$ 20 million. Total Project Cost: US$ 130,042,864.
Funding will be used towards design and construction of an advanced water purification facility to produce recycled water and a pipeline to transport recycled water for municipal and industrial uses within the City of Oxnard. The project is expected to result in approximately 7,200 acre-feet (8.88 million m³) of recycled water per year. The project is part of an attempt to provide regional water supply solutions through wastewater recycling and reuse; groundwater injection, storage and recovery; and groundwater desalination.

South Bay Advanced Recycled Water Treatment Facility, Santa Clara Valley Water District. Funding: $8,250,000. Total Project Cost: $52,655,000.
Funding will be used to expand the existing recycled water system to provide recycled water to agricultural, industrial and landscape users. The new recycled water facility will treat secondary effluent with advanced treatment processes including microfiltration, reverse osmosis and ultraviolet disinfection; the water will be distributed via the existing 100 mile (160 km) recycled water pipeline system. The completed project is expected to provide approximately 9,000 acre-feet (11.1 million m³) of recycled water per year and will reduce dependence on existing potable water supplies and will reduce wastewater discharges.

Southside Municipal Effluent Polishing and Water Reclamation Project, Albuquerque Bernalillo County Water Utility Authority. Funding: $2,500,000. Total Project Cost: $14,950,000.
Funding will be used on construction of one phase of the Southside Municipal Effluent Polishing and Water Reclamation Project, which will provide highly treated municipal and industrial effluent for irrigation and industrial demands in the Southeast Heights and South Valley in Albuquerque.

Full details with local contacts are listed on the Bureau of Reclamation website.