Degrémont wins brackish-water contracts in Riyadh

Suez Environnement subsidiary Degrémont has been awarded two contracts worth EUR 40 million to supply reverse-osmosis (RO) brackish-water desalination plants at 14 sites in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Degrémont was chosen by the National Water Company to provide, install and commission 33 modular 5,000 m³/d treatment units, each consisting of two multimedia filter units for pretreatment, two RO units and a chemical treatment unit.

The first contract involves 26 containerized modules, distributed across 13 separate sites, the largest of which is Salboukh, processing up to 30,000 m³/d. The second is for a single site at Al Buwaib, where 7 modules processing up to 35,000 m³/d will be installed in a permanent building.

Suez said on 23 November 2012 that the contracts were won through international collaboration and the combined expertise of Degrémont’s operational entity in the Middle East and its subsidiary Water & Power Technologies in Salt Lake City, USA, which specializes in modular and containerized processing units.