Cyprus poised to tender Paphos SWRO project

The Water Development Department of Cyprus is on course to tender a seawater reverse osmosis desalination plant project by end of September 2017.

The new 15,000 m3/d desalination facility at Kouklia, Paphos, will make use of an existing water intake structure and conveyance to the island’s main water distribution network that were put in place to serve a temporary desal facility that has now been removed. The contract will be for design, construction, and operations and maintenance over 25 years.

The country aims to produce 30 per cent of water from desalination by 2020, while the goal for reuse water is 20 per cent by 2020, and 30 per cent by 2025.

The additional desalination capacity will augment an existing 220,000 m3/d already produced in Cyprus at four permanent facilities. They are:

Vasilikos, 60,000 m3/d, constructed by IDE Technologies, and operated by Electricity Authority of Cyprus;

Dekelia, 60,000 m3/d, operated by Caramondani;

Limassol, 40,000 m3/d, operated by Limassol Water Co (Mekorot Development & Enterprise); and

Larnaca, 40,000 m3/d, operated by Larnaca Desalination Co (Mekorot Development & Enterprise, and Netcom, of Cyprus).

Cyprus is constructing a pipeline to convey water from Vasilikos desalination plant to Nicosia, at a cost of €55 million ($62 million), in a project that is expected to complete within three to four years. 

“In Cyprus, desalination covers the drinking water needs of large urban and touristic areas, eliminating dependence on rainfall and giving security and reliability of drinking water supply. Treated effluent is another constant source of water and it has been introduced into the Cyprus water balance for irrigation,” said Nicos Neocleous, Water Development Department acting chief water officer.

“Desalination is needed to secure domestic water supply needs and this quantity will be adequate. For recycled water, our task is to use 100 per cent of produced quantities. All necessary measures are being taken to ensure water security now and in the future, through an integrated, multi-objective approach for water management,” Neocleous added.

Cyprus to initiate desal BOOT tender this summer (April 2017)