Coquina coast desalination funding dries up

The Coquina Coast Seawater Desalination Project in Florida, USA, would appear to be dead in the water after it became apparent at a meeting on 8 June 2011 that two of the three remaining agency partners in the project would not be funding the next stage.

According to a report on, the City of Leesburg and the St John’s River Water Management District, indicated at the project progress meeting that funding for Phase 2B would not be forthcoming, leaving City of Palm Coast as the only remaining proponent from the original group of eleven who hired Malcolm Pirnie for preliminary design work in 2008.

Previous withdrawals had reduced the likely plant size from its original figure of at least 50 MGD (189,000 m³/d) in March 2010 to 10-15 MGD (37,800- 56,800 m³/d).