Cooling water system can treat brackish water

Lower quality brackish or surface water sources and even recycled wastewater can be treated to a standard suitable for makeup water needs using a new Advanced Cooling Solution introduced by GE Water & Process Technologies.

The comprehensive package introduces smart control systems, environmentally sensitive treatment chemistries, and wireless communications that automatically detect and instantly respond to upsets or water quality variations in recirculating cooling systems.

Incorporating a fully integrated suite of GE monitoring equipment and chemistries, the Advanced Cooling Solution makes immediate adjustments to treatment polymers, optimizing system performance, reducing water consumption, protecting valuable cooling systems from corrosion and lowering total cost of ownership.

GE’s GenGard chemistry provides further environmental benefits to the Advanced Cooling Solution. Containing no heavy metal tracer and incorporating a halogen resistant azole, GenGard greatly limits corrosion and the accumulation of metal ions in cooling water that is discharged to the environment. GenGard’s resistance to halogen-based oxidizing biocides, such as chlorine, also helps to limit the usage of biocides, further reducing operational costs and improving corrosion protection.

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