Consolidated chooses ERI for Red Gate replacement

Consolidated Water Co Ltd has chosen Energy Recovery Inc’s PX devices to replace the existing DWEER energy-recovery technology in a refit for the Red Gate desalination plant on Grand Cayman Island.

Following the refit, the plant, built in 1989 by Consolidated, will deliver more than 4,900 m³/d.

The decision to replace the DWEER devices with PX units was based on reliability and overall lifecycle cost, says ERI.

“SWRO desalination has been an integral part of Grand Cayman’s water supply for years but in order to sustain the process long-term it is important that the cost of producing potable water be kept to a minimum,” said Borja Blanco, senior vice president of ERI. “Downtime due to equipment failure is a dual problem in a desalination facility, as you have to spend time and money to resolve issues, while your revenue stream is interrupted by the lack of production.”