Community water-reuse manual published

The WateReuse Association announced on 22 October 2009 a new publication designed to help communities create a sustainable, drought-proof reclaimed water supply, while protecting public health and the environment.

The Manual of Practice on How to Develop a Water Reuse Program provides a standardized planning approach for communities to develop and analyze new water reuse projects.

Using a concise, easy-to-understand format, the manual provides a step-by-step approach for planning a successful project. Each step of the process from design and construction to developing a financing plan and conducting public outreach is outlined in detail that will help the reader avoid any missteps.

With the benefit of this publication, communities can develop better planned projects – which draw from the lessons learned from established programs – and achieve greater public acceptance, successful implementation, and fulfillment of project objectives.

The manual was authored by a group of professionals including Thomas Holliman of Lee & Ro; Richard Atwater of the Inland Empire Utilities Agency; James Crook, an environmental engineering consultant; and Lois Humphreys of TRG Associates. John Morris of the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California rounded out the team as a technical reviewer.