ClydeUnion pumps for Kindasa desalination expansion

UK-based ClydeUnion Pumps has been awarded a contract by Kindasa Water Services to supply pumps for an additional train for the existing Kindasa seawater reverse-osmosis (SWRO) desalination plant in Saudi Arabia.

Under the contract, ClydeUnion Pumps will manufacture in their Glasgow facility a first-pass HP pump (BB3 380B FH x 4 stage), a HP Booster pump (CP 1A 60), a second-pass HP pump (Uniglide SDCH150/200) and a seawater intake pump (VTP SBWM560F), all provided in Super Duplex.

The company’s success in supplying its proven BB3 high-pressure frames will be coupled with collaboration with a key industry player providing power-recovery Pelton turbines.

The Kindasa contract increases the current ClydeUnion Pumps unit population at the site with this full additional train for the SWRO plant.

John Fleming, managing director of the Water & Industrial Business Unit, said “The award of the Kindasa expansion contract for the additional pumps is a welcome acknowledgment of our equipment operational performance and reliability over the seven years of operation with the existing plant”.