Chinese lead water-reuse positivity in GE survey

GE announced on 5 June 2013 the final part of the results from its three-country 3,000-sample consumer water-reuse survey.

The first two parts, revealing public opinion in Singapore and the USA, were published in October 2012. The final part concentrates on Chinese public attitudes.

Approximately 90% of Chinese survey participants show a favorable attitude toward entities that choose to protect water resources or use recycled water. While the same trend was observed by those responding to the survey in Singapore, Americans did not show as favorable a view.

The majority of Chinese people agree that protection of water resources (95%) and water scarcity (87%) are national issues and only 61% and 45% view these as local issues.

In line with these trends, the Chinese residents expect the national government to take the lead to resolve water scarcity issues and regard the decisions to protect the water resources as top priority for the government.

Other findings from the survey were:

· Chinese survey participants showed the most positive attitude toward the concept of water-reuse and are more knowledgeable towards water infrastructure than Singaporeans and Americans.

· Chinese residents favor the use of recycled water for various activities that consume significant amounts of non-potable water such as residential and commercial landscaping, toilet-flushing, car-washing, power-generation, industrial processing and manufacturing and agricultural irrigation. No country is in favor of using recycled water for drinking purposes.

· The survey also indicates that up to 74% of Chinese participants would immediately pay more on their current water bill to ensure that future generations would be less vulnerable to water shortages.

· All three countries, especially China (88%), believe that the water scarcity issue can be combatted by using recycled water.

· Chinese residents show particularly strong favorable attitudes towards entities that protect or reuse water resources.

· Up to 83% would prefer to purchase a product or services from companies that use recycled water.

· On the water/energy nexus, 93% of Chinese survey participants understand that energy is needed to deliver water and that water also is required to generate energy.

· Chinese people also rank the highest (92%) in believing that smart water management is able to bring positive impact to the future cost of energy.