Chinese industrial wastewater job won by United Envirotech

Singapore-based United Envirotech Ltd, a membrane-based water and wastewater treatment company, announced on 8 February 2011 that it had signed a transfer-operate-transfer agreement with the management committee of the Nanpu Economic Development Zone in China to provide a 80,000 m³/d wastewater treatment plant and a 40,000 m³/d wastewater recycling plant.

The plants will be located in Tangshan city, Hebei Province, and the contract is worth RMB 280 million (US$ 42.7 million).

United Envirotech will form a 50:50 joint venture with Memstar Technology Ltd, a Singapore-based manufacturer of high-performance hollow-fibre membranes, to acquire, upgrade and operate the existing plants. The upgrading of the existing treatment plant using United Envirotech’s advanced membrane technology will allow the plant to meet the higher discharge limits imposed by the Chinese government.

The upgrading project will commence immediately and is scheduled for completion by 31 December 2011.

The chairman and CEO of United Envirotech, Dr Lin Yucheng, said, “The project marks the third significant investment the Group has undertaken in the industrial park wastewater treatment and recycling sector. Our past projects in chemical and petrochemical industrial parks in various parts of China have demonstrated our capability to treat complicated industrial wastewater.”