Chinese delegation visits Oman’s Al Ansab MBR plant

A Chinese delegation led by the deputy minister of water resources, Lee Joieeing, visited Oman’s Al Ansab submerged membrane bioreactor wastewater treatment plant in Muscat on 24 October 2011 (featured in D&WR, November/December 2011).

The visit enabled the two countries to share their experiences relating to water resource plans.

The CEO of Haya Water, Omar Al Wahaibi, received the delegation which visited the central control room at the treatment plant and the Haya laboratory at Ansab, where the most up to date techniques are used to monitor the water treatment processes and ascertain the suitability for reuse.

Commenting on this visit, the Haya Water CEO said: “We welcomed the Chinese delegation’s interest in our processes and in the water-reuse project where we are proud to work to the highest standards possible”.

The chairman of the Chinese delegation expressed admiration for the techniques used by the company in the field of treated water and said that the expertise of the qualified Omani staff in dealing with these techniques had demonstrated his delegation’s desire to exchange experiences with Haya Water.