Changes to IDA affiliations in China

The International Desalination Association has made changes concerning its relationship with desalination associations in China.

The association will be holding its World Congress in Tianjin, China, during 20‑25 October 2013.

IDA secretary general Patricia Burke told D&WR on 17 July 2012 that the association appreciated its close working relationship with its colleagues in China and was looking forward to presenting its World Congress in Tianjin.

“However, in the last couple of months, there have been two changes with regard to IDA’s Chinese affiliate relationships. First, the Membrane Industry Association of China has been accepted as an Association Affiliate of IDA.”

“Second, due to some technicalities surrounding its organizational structure, China Desalination Association (CDA) is, at present, no longer one of IDA’s affiliate organizations. CDA is in the process of reapplying as an Association Affiliate under its legally registered name, Desalination Branch of China Water Enterprises,” said Burke.