Abstracts for the 2011 Qingdao International Desalination Conference in China (20-23 June 2011) must received by 15 March 2011 with final papers by 10 May 2011.

A final announcement is available for download from the organizers, the China Desalination Association and the European Desalination Society. They describe the event as the largest, highest level, most influential and professional annual meeting of desalination and water reuse in the Asia-Pacific region and predict an attendance exceeding 600.

The conference, which is subtitled A Global Platform For Water Solutions, has the following themes:

  • New developments and future trends of desalination and water reuse
  • Innovations in membrane desalination technology
  • Innovations in thermal desalination technology
  • New developments of RO membranes
  • Pervaporation and membrane distillation
  • Research and development of new desalination technology and materials
  • Solar energy, wind energy and nuclear energy as the new energies for desalination
  • Desalination for brackish, high-fluorine, high-arsenic and high-boron waters
  • Management, investment and financing of large scale desalination projects
  • Design, operation management and economic study of seawater desalination systems
  • Desalination and reuse of industrial effluents
  • Desalination and treatment of municipal wastewater
  • Water-saving technology and drinking water safety
  • Water resource management and zero discharge