Cascal buys Caribbean desalination businesses from Veolia

Cascal NV, a subsidiary of the UK-based Biwater water and wastewater group, announced on 15 December 2009 the acquisition of three Caribbean desalination businesses from Veolia Water North America.

Cascal will take over the ongoing development, operations and maintenance of water services for municipalities and private resorts on the islands of Antigua, Curaçao and Bonaire, providing approximately 5 MGD (19,000 m³/d) of water using reverse-osmosis (RO) desalination.

The transition of the operations of the business from Veolia Water North America, which is transferring the assets through the sale of three companies to Cascal, will take place immediately, with no disruption to services. The businesses being integrated include:

  • One 4.5 MGD (17,000 m³/d) SWRO municipal system in Antigua and three private SWRO water sales contracts in Curaçao and Bonaire;
  • A range of public and private contracts (with municipalities and resorts); and
  • Experienced technical and operations staff, many of whom have served customers in the region for years.
  • Cascal acquired the three businesses for a total cost of US$ 6.9 million. The businesses currently generate combined annual revenue of approximately $4 million.