Caribbean successes for Seven Seas Water

The US Virgin Islands Water & Power Authority (WAPA) voted on 24 May 2010 to outsource all its desalination water supply to Seven Seas Water Corporation in a move intended to cut its water production costs in half.

The appointment resulted from a tender issued on 26 March 2010, which brought six bidders.

In 2009, WAPA spent US$ 26.5 million to produce potable water. Seven Seas claims it will produce enough water to serve all Virgin Islands customers at an annual cost of US$ 11-14 million. The company, based in Tampa, Florida, will use reverse-osmosis to replace existing distillation plants which are nearly three decades old and rely on steam provided by WAPA’s power generators.

· Seven Seas also recently announced an agreement with the Water & Sewerage Authority (WASA) of Trindad & Tobago for the rapid deployment of equipment to supply 5 MGD (19,000 m³/d) of seawater reverse osmosis desalinated water. The water is badly needed to help offset the severe water shortage caused by the extended drought affecting the country.


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