CalDesal, the non-profit organisation devoted to desalination and salinity management in California, is holding its first annual conference in October 2012, split into two events, north and south.

The north event will be on 25‑26 October 2012 in Sacramento, while the south conference will be in Irvine on 29‑30 October 2012.

The conference will focus on desalination policy, including the relationship to science and technology and the effect of desalination policy on project feasibility.

  • Desalination Role in a Balanced Water Supply Portfolio
  • Desalination Science – A Foundation for Sustainable Policy
  • Desalination Implementation Challenges – Policy Influences and Opportunities
  • Desalination Permitting – the Intersection of Science and Policy
  • Desalination Policy – A Plan for Action
  • Conference details can be downloaded from the CalDesal website.