Boost for San Angelo water reuse plan

Plans for a water reuse project in San Angelo, Texas, received a boost this week, with local council staff given the green light to take the next step in seeking funding for the project.

According to a report in the Standard-Times, part of USA Today, Mike Boyd, chairman of the city council’s advisory board, gave staff permission to seek a low interest loan for the project from the Texas Water Development Board.
The paper reported Boyd as saying: “At this point, I feel like we’ll approve the request to make the application… We don’t want to wait another year for possible funding.”
The council has until May 11 to apply for a loan this year. It plans to ask for a $150 million low-interest loan to help fund a potential wastewater reuse project. The city would use the loan money to fund a potable reuse project to convey effluent from the wastewater treatment facility to include membrane, reverse osmosis, and advanced disinfection treatment techniques.
San Angelo officials estimate that a wastewater reuse system could yield up to 7 million gallons of water per day.