Boll & Kirch shows latest seawater filters

Boll & Kirch (Bollfilter) demonstrated its latest seawater filtration technology and sulphate reduction packages at Offshore Europe 2011 in early September.

The Boll 6.18.2 Heavy Duty Filter is designed for the automatic filtration of larger debris (typically up to 25mm) from seawater without the need for prescreening. Reliable self-cleaning technology guarantees effective, reliable operation with minimal maintenance.

The filter features a unique Boll Superduplex wedge wire filter candle, proven in Ballast Water applications, and providing filtration of 80 to 100 microns to meet coarse filtration specification standards.

The Boll Simplex Filter is designed for use with the 6.18 Coarse Automatic Filter as part of a staged filtration process to protect sulphate-reduction plant. Installed downstream, this cartridge filter removes any fine particulates (down to 5 microns) following the coarse filtration process – effectively protecting the Sulphate Reduction plant from risk of damage.

All Boll Filters for offshore applications are manufactured from carbon steel or duplex stainless steels for ultra corrosion resistance and fully approved to international standards: AD- 2000, ASME Sect VIII Div 1, Directive 97/23/EEC, PED, API 614, U-stamp and UM-Stamp.