Azerbaijan will have largest UF plant for surface water

Work is due to be completed later this year on the world’s largest ultrafiltration (UF) treatment plant for surface water which is to be built in Baku, Azerbaijan, by Dow Water & Process Solutions and HidroLotus LLC, a joint venture between the Azeri Hidro Group and the Turkish Lotus Group.

Work started in June 2012, and, upon completion, the plant is projected to reach a capacity of 520,000 m³/d and become one of the main drinking water suppliers for Baku’s population of 3 million.

The project will use Dow IntegraPac™ UF skids and modules, a pre-engineered and ready-to-assemble solution, which will allow for faster assembly to meet the project’s delivery schedule.

Dow says that its UF modules used in the design and construction of the plant, utilize a double-walled hollow-fiber PVDF membrane which is much more robust, tolerant to chemical cleanings and less prone to breakage than those materials used by the average of microfiltration or ultrafiltration products on the market. The uniformity of pore size and outside-in flow ensures the membrane creates a good barrier without sacrificing performance.